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    Mystery To Me Bookstore Opened on June 15, 2013 with great success and a receptive audience

Welcome to Mystery To Me

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Hi Epic Employees!  If you would like to order any of the books that we had at today's book fair (11/24/14), please click on the Shop for Books tab and type in the name of the book. It should come up. Order it, pay for it with your credit card, fill out your name and address and click "pick-up at store."  Mystery to Me will deliver your book to Epic as soon as it arrives at the store.  If for some reason the book does not appear on the list, fill out a special order form and we'll be in touch.  Thanks for your order. 



Click on the photo to access the on-line catalog.  See something you like? Let us know! 

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Welcome to Mystery to Me, an independent bookstore located at 1863 Monroe Street in Madison, Wisconsin.   

The mystery genre offers a wide selection of everything from cozies and historical mysteries to thrillers and police procedurals. In addition to mystery we have a small non-mystery nook along with a growing selection of work by local authors that includes everything from poetry to memoir. We also have a growing selection of children and young adult titles. 

We can order any type of book for you!