Author Talk: Todd Michael Cox

Friday, September 13th

Todd Michael Cox discusses his book, Of Reptiles and Amphibians, with Michael Herold


Reptiles and Amphibians

About the Book:

In Of Reptiles and Amphibians, Todd Michael Cox (Beast, Dizzlemuck) follows a young Wisconsin man as he moves through a life of loss and discovery, depression and hope. From a broken family, to a brother haunted by mental illness, through relationships failed and fulfilling, we journey with him through several moments across the span of his life… and, always, guiding him, there are the animals he loves, the snakes and turtles and frogs and salamanders that, like him, call the Dairy State home… and which he looks to for comfort when life grows dark, seeking in them a sense of both belonging and solitude, understanding and mystery.   

Quiet, thoughtful, subtle, this is a “study in microtones,” as the author puts it in his introduction. It’s also a poem of heartbreak and transcendence, and an ode to finding once again that which has been lost.


About the Author:

Todd Michael Cox was born and raised in northern Wisconsin and still makes his home in the Dairy State.  He is the founder of the Snake Anti-Defamation League, a group dedicated to preserving the reputation of the world’s snakes, and is the author of the novels After the Death of the Ice Cream Man, Dizzlemuck, Beast, and Iowa.