Author Visit: Charles Taylor

Tuesday, August 20th

Author Charles Taylor in conversation with Reverend Carmen Porco!


Journey Toward Justice

About the Book

A biography that offers a compelling and beautifully written account of Carmen Porco's life journey. The book describes Porco's impoverished Italian childhood in a barroom, his early involvement in gangs that led to his best friend's death and his turning to religion. Although he tried to be a traditional pastor, he grew to question the traditional church and later devoted his life to serving the poor through his low income housing ministry. He believed that the True Church is not a building, but in the streets and homes where people live daily. He is a champion of the poor and for most of his adult life Rev. Porco has fought for racial justice and equal opportunity for the poor.

About the Author

Dr. Charles Taylor is the author of six non-fiction books, a novel: Lakeside University Cover-up, a Children’s Musical Play, and writer/producer of the award winning documentary Decade of Discontent. A retired professor, Chuck also produced the Journey of Hope film series on Rev. Porco’s housing ministry.

He is a retired Professor of Education from Edgewood College and currently President of Roar Enterprises, a diversity consulting firm that produces films, books and research projects for clients. Dr. Taylor holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, the University of Oregon, and Southeast Missouri State University.