NOW VIRTUAL: Eugenia Viti with Emily Balsley

Saturday, August 06th

Time: 1:00p

Livestream: Crowdcast

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Be Pregnant book cover 

About Be Pregnant

Full of vibrant illustrations, annotated diagrams, and first-hand accounts, Be Pregnant is a fun and comforting companion for this exciting (and highly anticipatory!) time in a pregnant person’s life. Eugenia Viti’s charming mix of insider info and humor provide a much-needed laugh about:

Strangers trying to touch your belly.

Feelings of inadequacy about stroller prices.

The all-powerful birth plan.

With quirky yet universal anecdotes, personal "Something That May Happen . . ." sections, and an inclusive illustration program welcoming all moms, Be Pregnant is the perfect gift for an expecting friend or baby shower.


About Eugenia Viti

Eugenia Viti is a writer, illustrator, comic artist, and cartoonist who lives in Chicago with her husband and toddler. She’s a regular contributor to The New Yorker; her comics and cartoons also appear in the American Bystander, The Nib, McSweeney’s, Physics World Adbusters, and others.


About Emily Balsley

Emily Balsley is an illustrator and muralist living in Madison, Wisconsin with her sweet, creative daughter and loving husband. She is active in the creative community, participating in arts events, gallery shows, panel discussions, and occasionally leading workshops and camps. When she’s not drawing, she loves biking, hiking and hanging out with her friends and family.

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