Saturday, April 11th
CANCELLED: Author Visit: Kashmira Sheth


As of 3/20, this event has been cancelled.

The author has been contacted, and we will work with her to reschedule!


About the Book

Hard-working Jiva might not be the only one anticipating a delicious feast of peas from his garden.

Every morning, Jiva works in his garden until the sun turns as red as a bride’s sari. He plants peas and beans, potatoes and tomatoes, eggplants and okra in his vegetable patch. When his friend Ruvji admires his plants Jiva sings,

Plump peas, sweet peas,

Lined- up-in-the-shell peas.

Peas to munch, peas to crunch

A feast of peas for lunch.

But each time Jiva is ready to pick the peas for his feast, they’re already gone. What has happened?

From the award-winning author and illustrator team who created Tiger in My Soup, this original story set in India features a deliciously amusing mystery about gardening, anticipation, hard work, and generosity.


About the Author

I grew up in a tropical country and had never seen snow before moving to the United States. My mother tongue is Gujarati and I started learning English in fifth grade. In India I lived in a small city (Bhavnagar) and in a big city (Mumbai)

I moved to Ames, Iowa when I was a teenager to attend college and then to Madison, Wisconsin for graduate school. In short, I stayed with the cold and the snow.

When I was young, I wrote poems in Gujarati and Hindi but not in English. In college I studied Microbiology and worked for many years in that field. When my two daughters were young I started reading books with them. We loved Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, and the books about Ramona Quimby. We also enjoyed books by Lois Lowry, Madeline L'Engle, and Avi.

Here are some jobs I did before becoming a writer:

- Caught corn flea beetles one summer

- Worked in a bakery, where I learned the difference between a hamburger bun and a Kaiser roll

- Worked as a food microbiologist testing milk, cheese, ice cream and other food products for bacterial counts and pathogens

- Choreographed and performed Indian dances

- Ran a dance school

I started writing my first book, Blue Jasmine, when my daughters completed elementary school. Since that time I have written picture books, middle grade novels, and young adult novels. 

Tuesday, April 14th
CANCELLED: Author Visit: Bill and Bobbie Malone with Doug Moe


As of 3/20, this event has been cancelled.
The authors have been contacted, and we will work with them to reschedule!


About the Book

You might not know the names of Boudleaux and Felice Bryant, but you know their music. Arriving in Nashville in 1950, the songwriting duo became the first full-time independent songwriters in that musical city. In the course of their long careers, they created classic hits that pushed the boundaries of country music into the realms of pop and rock. Songs like “Bye Bye Love,” “All I Have to Do Is Dream,” “Love Hurts,” and “Rocky Top” inspired young musicians everywhere. Here, for the first time, is a complete biography of Nashville’s power songwriting couple.

In Nashville’s Songwriting Sweethearts, authors Bobbie Malone and Bill C. Malone recount how Boudleaux and Felice, married in 1945, began their partnership as itinerant musicians living in a trailer home and writing their first songs together. In Nashville the couple had to deal with racism, classism, and in Felice’s case, sexism. Yet through hard work and business acumen—and a dose of good luck—they overcame these obstacles and rose to national prominence.


About the Authors

In addition to Country Music USA, emeritus Tulane University history professor Bill Malone has written numerous books, including Sing Me Back Home, an anthology of his previously published essays, and Bill Clifton: Bluegrass Ambassador to the World. Bill is best known in Madison, Wisconsin for his weekly WORT community radio program: Back to the Country. 

Bobbie Malone has a PhD in American History from Tulane University, and her revised dissertation was published as Rabbi Max Heller: Reformer, Zionist, Southerner, 1860-1979. The Malones moved from New Orleans to Madison when Bobbie became director of the Office of School Services at the Wisconsin Historical Society (1995-2011), where she wrote and edited books for the state’s classrooms. Since retiring, she published the biography of prolific mid-twentieth century children’s author/illustrator, Lois Lenski: Storycatcher, winner of the 2016 Indies Editor’s Choice Prize in Nonfiction, and she is now working on a couple of Madison topics. 

Thursday, April 16th
CANCELLED: Local Author Slam Vol. VI


As of 3/20, this event has been cancelled.

The authors have been contacted and we will work with them to reschedule!


Local Author Slam Vol. VI brings the "Second Act Authors" of Henschel Haus publishing to Mystery to Me! Writing across all genres and subjects, the Second Act Authors are:

Judy Adrian

Kathy Collins

Gregory Lee Renz

Jody Whelden

Come for the authors you know and love, and meet your new favorites at one of Mystery to Me's most popular events!

Monday, April 20th
CANCELLED: Author Visit: Sara Paretsky


As of 3/20, this event has been cancelled.

About the Book

Chicago may be the city of broad shoulders, but its political law is “Pay to Play.” Money changes hands in the middle of the night, and by morning, buildings and parks are replaced by billion-dollar projects.

Chicago PI V.I. Warshawski gets pulled into one of these clandestine deals through her impetuous goddaughter, Bernie Fouchard. Bernie tries to rescue Lydia Zamir, a famed singer-songwriter now living on the streets; Zamir’s life fell apart when her lover was murdered next to her in a mass shooting at an outdoor concert. Not only does Bernie plunge her and V.I. headlong into the path of some ruthless developers, they lead to the murder of the young man Bernie is dating. He’s a computer geek working for a community group called SLICK.

V.I. is desperate to find a mysterious man named Coop, who roams the lakefront in the middle of the night with his dog. She’s sure he holds the key to the mounting body count within SLICK. Coop may even know why an international law firm is representing the mass murderer responsible for Lydia’s lover’s death. Instead, the detective finds a terrifying conspiracy stretching from Chicago’s parks to a cover-up of the dark chapters in America’s meddling in South American politics. Before she finds answers, this electrifying novel pushes V.I. close to the breaking point: People who pay to play take no prisoners.


About the Author

Before there was Lisbeth Salander or Stephanie Plum, there was V I Warshawski. Sara Paretsky revolutionized the mystery world in 1982 when she introduced V I in Indemnity Only. By creating a believable investigator with the grit and the smarts to tackle problems on the mean streets, Paretsky challenged a genre in which women typically were either vamps or victims. Hailed by critics and readers, Indemnity Only was followed by nineteen more best-selling Warshawski novels.  The New York Times writes that Paretsky “always makes the top of the list when people talk about female operatives,” while Publishers Weekly says, “Among today’s PIs, nobody comes close to Warshawski.”

Like her fictional detective, Paretsky lives and dies with the Cubs, runs Chicago’s lakefront with her golden retriever, and loves to sing, taking part in community musicals.  Paretsky lives on Chicago’s south side with her husband, a member of the University of Chicago’s Fermi Institute.

For Sara's full bio, visit her website,

Wednesday, April 22nd
CANCELLED: Mystery to Me Book Club


As of 3/20, this event has been cancelled.

 This month's book is Unto Us a Son is Given by Donna Leon


Wednesday, May 06th
Author Visit: Grant Snider


About the Book

A look at the culture and fanaticism of book lovers, from beloved New York Times illustrator Grant Snider

It’s no secret, but we are judged by our bookshelves. We learn to read at an early age, and as we grow older we shed our beloved books for new ones. But some of us surround ourselves with books. We collect them, decorate with them, are inspired by them, and treat our books as sacred objects. In this lighthearted collection of one- and two-page comics, writer-artist Grant Snider explores bookishness in all its forms, and the love of writing and reading, building on the beloved literary comics featured on his website, Incidental Comics. With a striking package including a die-cut cover, I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf is the perfect gift for bookworms of all ages.


About the Author

Grant Snider is an orthodontist by day and an artist by night. His comics have been featured in the Kansas City Star, the New York Times, and The New Yorker, as well as The Best American Comics 2013 anthology. He lives in Wichita, Kansas, with his wife and four children. Visit him online at

Thursday, May 07th
Author Visit: Davin Goodwin with Doug Moe


About the Book

After 25 years on the job, Roscoe Conklin trades his badge for a pair of shorts and sandals and moves to Bonaire, a small island nestled in the southern Caribbean. But the warm water, palm trees, and sunsets are derailed when his long-time police-buddy friend back home is murdered.

Conklin dusts off a few markers and calls his old department, trolling for information. It’s slow going. No surprise there. After all, it’s an active investigation, and his compadres back home aren’t saying a damn thing.

He’s 2,000 miles away, living in paradise. Does he really think he can help? They suggest he go to the beach and catch some rays.

For Conklin, it’s not that simple. Outside looking in? Not him. Never has been. Never will be.

When a suspicious mishap lands his significant other, Arabella, in the hospital, the island police conduct, at best, a sluggish investigation, stonewalling progress. Conklin questions the evidence and challenges the department’s methods. Something isn’t right.

Arabella wasn't the intended target.



About the Author

I’m 58 years old and live in Madison, WI. Originally from Rockford, IL, I went to college at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR., graduating with a degree in Computer Science. I’m married and have one daughter and one stepson, both grown.

Professionally, I have roughly 30 years’ experience in the technology industry and currently manage a group of software developers for a local, mid-sized company. In the past, I’ve owned several small businesses, worked as an aerial photographer, a semi-professional banjo player, a flight instructor, and a real estate investor.

Future Plans: Continue the Roscoe Conklin series, hopefully, for a long time.

Sunday, May 10th
Closed for Mothers' Day!

Mystery to Me will be closed on Mother's Day!
Treat Mom right with a book and some time to read!

Wednesday, May 27th
Mystery to Me Book Club


This month's book is Benediction by Kent Haruf


Thursday, June 04th
Book Launch: The Second Home by Christina Clancy!

7:00 at Working Draft Brewery

Mystery to Me is honored and delighted to be hosting Christina Clancy's launch for her extraordinary debut, The Second Home! Join us for brews, games, a reading and discussion of one of our most-anticipated books of the summer at Working Draft Brewery on Madison's east side!

About the Book

A debut novel set on Cape Cod that centers on a beloved family home and the summer that changed the lives of three siblings forever, perfect for readers of J. Courtney Sullivan and Elin Hilderbrand.

After a disastrous summer spent at her family's summer home on Cape Cod, seventeen year old Ann Gordon is left harboring a secret that changes her life forever, and creates a rift between her sister, Poppy, and their adopted brother, Michael.

Now, fifteen years later, her parents have died, and Ann and her sister Poppy are left to decide the fate of the old Wellfleet home that's been in the Gordon family for generations. While they both love the house, they decide to sell it and move forward. But then Michael re-enters their lives with a legitimate claim to a third of the estate. He wants the house. But more than that, he wants to set the record straight about that long ago summer.

Reunited after years apart, these very different siblings are forced to decide if they can continue to be a family--and in the process, they'll discover that the house might be the glue that holds them together. 

About the Author

My debut novel, The Second Home, will be published June, 2020, St. Martin's Press.

The novel reflects my obsession with old houses, family, Cape Cod and summer vacation. 

I currently live with my very tall husband John in Madison, Wisconsin, in a 104-yr old Prairie-style home, which means no repair is simple or cheap. As my brother-in-law says, my house makes him tired. We have a guesthouse, or "granny cottage," that we run as an Airbnb, so I'm no stranger to second homes.

Although I love old houses, instead of fixing them I'd rather spend time with my kids, Olivia and Tim, or write, run, cycle, SUP, practice yoga and follow politics. I'm a certified spin instructor, and I serve on the board of Wisconsin Conservation Voters.

 In 2011, I received my PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a specialty in eco-criticism and suburban literature, and I taught creative writing at Beloit College. I go by Dr. Clancy when I'm vying for a hotel room upgrade; otherwise you can call me Christina or Christi. 

Tuesday, June 09th
Author Visit: Catherine Jagoe and Jesse Lee Kercheval


About the Collection

This completely bi-lingual edition makes available in both Spanish and English a wide selection of poems by the essential Uruguayan poet Luis Bravo. The author of twelve books of poetry and multimedia poetry performances, Bravo is a kingpin of Uruguay’s “Generation of ’80,” known for its iconoclastic search to reinvent what it saw as hidebound and defunct cultural models. Bravo’s work and cultural experiments are influenced by jazz and rock, the Beats, psychedelia and surrealism. These poems, beautifully translated by Catherine Jagoe and Jesse Lee Kercheval, buzz with sound and and explode with image, but are, at the same time. deeply human, exploring time, memory, dreams, death, and desire in ways that will forever change the way you see the world. 

Sunday, June 21st
Closed for Fathers' Day!

Mystery to Me will be closed for Fathers' Day!
Treat Dad right with a book and some time to read!

Wednesday, June 24th
Mystery to Me Book Club


This month's book is Moonstone by Wilkie Collins


Wednesday, July 22nd
Mystery to Me Book Club


This month's book is Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz