Hugo Sprouts and the Strange Case of the Beans

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Hugo Sprouts is a fantastic tale about a boy frustrated with being small. Luckily, Hugo P. Sprouts is a mad scientist and determined to find a solution...

In his lab, Hugo develops a potion and finally becomes the biggest kid in town--but also the biggest jerk around. Hugo has great power, but will he learn responsibility before it's too late?

John Loren's rhyming, invention-gone-wrong picture book is a silly, fun read-aloud full of heart. This madcap tale of a whiz-kid was partly inspired by the struggle of good and evil in Stevenson's classic Jekyll and Hyde, with a little scoop of Godzilla for good measure.

Hugo Sprouts and the Strange Case of the Beans is a celebration of curiosity and ingenuity that fans of Andrea Beaty's Rosie Revere, Engineer and Chris Van Dusen's If I Built a Car will love.