Ingrid Swanberg and W.D. Markhardt present "Some Cats"

Thursday, July 20th

7 pm 

Ingrid Swanberg & W.D. Markhardt will be reading poetry and presenting artwork from their new chapbook Some Cats, a collaboration exploring the nuances of character and human inter-relationships of some of the many cats they have known, and offering up a wide range of experiences, from wonderment to affection to loss to laughter. Ruth Coelho, a sculptor working in Northern California, writes of Some Cats: “Thereʼs no screen between the reader and the poems and drawings; the work is all completely immediate, expressing pure feeling.”

Ingrid Swanberg writes poetry and prose, and also works in collage. She has been involved in independent small press poetry publishing from the era of hand-assembled mimeo magazines to her current work as editor and publisher of Abraxas and director of Ghost Pony Press (both Madison-based). Her recent poetry collections include Ariadne & Other Poems (Bottom Dog Press, 2013) and Awake (Green Panda Press, 2014). “Simplicity and silence form the central axis of Swanbergʼs work in much the same manner as clarity of gesture and centered thought create the necessary dynamic tension in a Zen adeptʼs meditations.”―Andrea Moorhead

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W.D. Markhardt works in a wide array of artistic modes, from portraits to figure drawings and paintings, from landscapes to abstracts to sculptures. He has worked in a variety of mediums, including oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, stone, wood, concrete, steel, and plaster. Recently he has been experimenting with making three-dimensional painted canvases, inspired, in part, by Celtic knots. To view some of his work see: