John Galligan - "Bad Axe County"

Thursday, July 11th

with Doug Moe

7 pm

axeAbout the Book

Dennis Lehane meets Megan Miranda in this tense, atmospheric thriller about the first female sheriff in rural Bad Axe County, Wisconsin, as she searches for a missing girl, battles local drug dealers, and seeks the truth about the death of her parents twenty years ago—all as a winter storm rages in her embattled community. 

A review from William Kent Krueger

If Joseph Conrad had really wanted to find the heart of darkness, he’d have looked in Bad Axe County. Lurking in the isolated coulees at the edge of the Mississippi River are some of the meanest, foulest, cruelest hearts imaginable, and John Galligan evokes them with all the intensity of a mad poet. But in county sheriff Heidi Kick, a woman chipped and broken on every edge, Galligan offers a righteous force in opposition. Set in a landscape of the salvage yards, two-bit taverns, and blink-and-you’ll miss-’em small towns of Wisconsin’s Driftless Area, Bad Axe County is a dark beauty of a novel, nothing less than a mythic conflict between flawed heroes and gargantuan evil. It's not always an easy battle to watch, but I guarantee you won't look away. 

-- William Kent Krueger, winner of the 2013 Edgar Award for Best Novel (Ordinary Grace), two-time Anthony Award Best Novel winner, and author of the popular Cork O’Connor crime series set in Minnesota 

About John Galligan

galliganJohn Galligan’s career as a novelist began with the critically acclaimed Red Sky, Red Dragonfly based on his experiences living, teaching, and traveling in Japan.

He subsequently became best known for his groundbreaking and celebrated series of mysteries featuring a nomadic fly fisherman: The Nail Knot, The Blood Knot, The Clinch Knot, and The Wind Knot. Read more about John on his website.