LIVE @ MSAC: Andy Kutler

Friday, January 14th


January 8, 2022 update:
due to the surge in the COVID-19 Omicron variant, this event has been postponed to a later date. Please check back for the new date soon!


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About the Book

After resigning from his agency under an ethical cloud, 46-year-old Dan Cahill commits himself to rebuilding his relationship with Megan, the college-aged daughter in Las Vegas he has long neglected. She persuades a reluctant Cahill to join the student-led campaign of a popular professor competing in the Nevada presidential primary against impossible odds. As they face powerful forces conspiring to clear the field, Cahill's deep-seated disdain for electoral politics collides with Megan's higher ideals. Each of their faiths are tested by political allies and adversaries, all desperate for victory, no matter the costs.


About the Author

I’m a proud native of Madison, Wisconsin, patiently waiting for my beloved Brewers to win their first World Series. After migrating to the Washington, D.C. area more than a quarter century ago, I have somehow survived an earthquake, cicadas (twice), an insurrection, and, for a brief, traumatizing period, subpar bagels. It’s been quite a journey, with an incredibly rewarding career in politics, policy, and communications. From Capitol Hill to the Secret Service, I have had the privilege of working for and with exceptionally talented and remarkable public servants. They are truly who inspired me to write Honorable Profession.

Writing, too, has been a wonderful experience, and a journey in its own right. Oprah hasn’t called yet, but I have come to love this form of storytelling, and I’m fortunate I have the bandwidth to keep at it. I’m a good writer, but I aspire to be a better one. Like my father, the man you see in the photo below mine. He was a brilliant historian and superb wordsmith, with an infectious sense of humor. That photo was taken in front of the National Archives in 1996, and that beaming smile can be attributed to a legal triumph against the government that won the public release of the Nixon Oval Office recordings. He was celebrating – not a personal victory, but a victory for history, and the Constitution.

Just to the left of where we’re both seated, inscribed in the stonework of the National Archives, are the words that were so dear to him, What Is Past Is Prologue. Those same words offer a small hint as to what my next writing project will be. Stay tuned…