Maddy Hunter -- "Catch Me if Yukon"

Sunday, December 09th

3 pm


As tour escort Emily Miceli leads her globetrotting band of Iowa seniors into the wilds of Alaska, she discovers that in the land of the midnight sun, grizzlies aren’t the only killers on the prowl. When a tour member turns up dead on a mountainous hiking trail, Emily blames herself for the mishap, until she learns that something far more sinister might be to blame. But the legend of Bigfoot is just a myth, isn’t it? From whale-watching in the glacial waters near Seward to ziplining in the primal forests of Denali, Emily finds herself locked in a game of cat and mouse with a killer who’s too clever to be mere myth.


Maddy Hunter has endured disastrous vacations on several continents! For more information, visit Maddy's website.