Live @ MTM: Danielle Lincoln Hanna

Tuesday, October 17th

Time: 6:00p CT

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Cover for Mailboat 5


About the book

For teen mail jumper Bailey, the carefree days aboard the Mailboat aren’t so carefree anymore. Traumatized by a lifetime of loss in foster care—not to mention this summer’s maelstrom of murders—she’s convinced it’s better to abandon her newly found grandfather, Mailboat Captain Tommy, before he has the chance to abandon her. Meanwhile, Tommy, harboring his own scars, fears the distance Bailey keeps means she’ll leave him forever, like his son left them both.

The End of Summer is the fifth book in the stunning Mailboat Suspense Series. If you love an ensemble cast of life-like characters, and plot twists that shatter your expectations, then you’ll love Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s breathless new novel!


Danielle Lincoln Hanna


About the author

Danielle Lincoln Hanna is the author of the Mailboat Suspense Series. She left the Rocky Mountains of Montana to be closer to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where her books are set. But her first love is still the Great Plains of North Dakota where she was born.

Mailboat: The End of the Pier, the first book in her series, has been an Amazon bestseller, ranking #1 in Suspense and #2 in Thriller. She has been approached on two separate occasions about her film and TV rights, and a pitch for a Mailboat TV series made semifinalist in the Spring 2022 ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch Competition.

When Danielle isn’t writing, you can find her hiking with her boyfriend Charles, adventuring with her German Shepherd Angel, and avoiding surprise attacks from her cat Fergus.