Mystery to Me Book Club

Wednesday, January 12th

6:00p @ Garth's Brew Bar

January 11 UPDATE:
Mystery to Me Bookclub is postponing this meeting until February!
Thank you for understanding, and enjoy the book!

What we're reading:

The Remarkable Mrs. Anderson: Bánffy, Miklós, Sneddon, Thomas, Barcsay,  Thomas: 9781905131891: Books

About the Book

When a priceless Leonardo is stolen from the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, the Hungarian government tries to hush things up and the police show themselves to be completely clueless. Thank goodness for Milla Anderson! A gifted reporter for one of Budapest's daily newspapers, she picks up the trail in Palermo--and of course an international gang is soon hot on her heels. When a Hungarian detective is apparently liquidated and the oily Schönberg Belmonte begins insinuating his way into Mrs Anderson's hotel, things start to look very dangerous indeed.