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Thursday, October 17th
Joshua D. Mezrich, M.D., When Death Becomes Life

In partnership with the Wisconsin Book Festival, Mystery to Me is proud to be the official bookseller for Josh Mezrich's When Death Becomes Life!

5:30p at the Discovery Building, DeLuca Forum

When Death Becomes Life - Josh Mezrich - <span class="date-display-single" />10/17/2019 - 7:00pm

About the Book

The miracle of organ transplants straddles the line between heartbreak and hope—one person’s life extended through the tragedy of another’s loss. Joshua D. Mezrich, a transplant surgeon at the University of Wisconsin, witnesses this complex miracle with everyday regularity, and in his eloquent and illuminating new book, When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon this dedicated doctor and elegant writer weaves stories from his own awe-inspiring work into a history of the medical advances that have made the extension of many lives possible.

Friday, October 11th
Madison Storytellers: Books That Changed My Life

Madison Storytellers brings live storytelling to Mystery to Me!

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The Madison Storytellers bring live storytelling to Mystery to Me, featuring five phenomenal stories about "Books that Changed My Life"! The storytellers and books featured in this evening's event are:


ALEXANDRIA DELCOURT - One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

ALI MULDROW - Pleasure Activism (Adrienne Maree Brown)

BILL STORK - It's Not About the Bike (Lance Armstrong)

HAYWOOD SIMMONS - The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion... (Peter Egoscue)

MUIRREYAH DE LA O - Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood (Koren Zalickas)


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Thursday, October 10th
Mark Pryor discusses his Hugo Marston Mystery Series

7 pm

Mark Pryor is a British mystery writer who writes crime fiction mostly set in Paris, but also in London and Barcelona. The Hugo Marston series features a former FBI profiler who is now the head of security at the US Embassy in Paris. Pryor describes Hugo as "a rather old-fashioned kind of hero." 

There are currently eight books in the series, the first was published in 2012. 

About The Bookseller (Book #1)

"Pryor's steady and engrossing debut combines Sherlockian puzzle solving with Eric Ambler-like spy intrigue. With a cast of characters you want to know better and a storyline cloaked in World War II betrayals...the author winningly blends contemporary crime with historical topics." -- Library Journal Starred Review

About The Book Artist (Book #8, 2019):

Hugo Marston, head of security for the U.S. Embassy in Paris, puts his life in danger when he investigates the murder of a celebrated artist, all the while fending off an assassin looking to settle an old score against him. Hugo Marston accompanies his boss, US Ambassador J. Bradford Taylor, to the first night of an art exhibition in Montmartre, Paris. Hugo is less than happy about going until he finds out that the sculptures on display are made from his favorite medium: books. Soon after the champagne starts to flow and the canapes are served, the night takes a deadly turn when one of the guests is found murdered. Hugo lingers at the scene and offers his profiling expertise to help solve the crime, but the detective in charge quickly jumps to his own conclusions. He makes an arrest, but it's someone that Hugo is certain is innocent. Meanwhile, his best friend, Tom Green, has disappeared to Amsterdam, hunting an enemy from their past, an enemy who gets the upper hand on Tom, and who then sets his sights on Hugo. With an innocent person behind bars, a murder to solve, and his own life in danger, Hugo knows he has no time to waste as one killer tries to slip away, and another gets closer and closer.


Pryor has also written two novels set in Austin, Texas, Hollow Man (September, 2015) and Dominic (January 2018). They are psychological thrillers. 

In real life Mark Pryor grew up in Hertfordshire, England, and now lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and three young children. Click on his name here for a link to his bio. 


Tuesday, October 08th
Author Visit: David Haznaw


About the Book

A Year In Words is the first book by David Haznaw, who began writing creative non-fiction in 2013, when he challenged himself to write an essay every morning for an entire year. In that time, Haznaw wrote nearly a half-million words, and sticking with the “year” theme, the book contains 52 essays (get it, 52 weeks in a year?), many of which came out of that first year.


About the Author

David Haznaw has been writing his entire career, which has spanned more than three decades. Starting as a reporter for his hometown newspaper, The Watertown (WI) Daily Times, David’s writing has spanned a number of disciplines, from daily news, to public relations, advertising, and corporate and commercial video productions.


Thursday, September 26th
The Mysterious Journey of Waking Up: WHO AM I?

Author and artist, Heather Williams, brings the first in a series of drawing events to Mystery to Me!

Spots are limited! Be sure to reserve yours here!


About the Event

Based on the principals in her book, Drawing as a Sacred Activity, and inspired by the recent tragedies in our nation and world, Heather Williams will guide attendees through intuitive drawing exercises that begin the journey to self-realization. No prior or practiced experience in drawing is required, and basic materials will be provided! All you need to bring is your intuition and a willingness to think some big thoughts.


About the Author

Heather C. Williams began drawing early in her life. It was her way to learn about the world around and within her. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Humanities at Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh and immediately set off in search of a teacher to “Wake-Up” and learn more about the deeper Self. You can learn more about Heather at her website!

Wednesday, September 25th
Mystery to Me Book Club

6:00p at Mystery to Me!

This month's book: THE MALTESE FALCON by Dashiell Hammet

Tuesday, September 24th
Bilingual Book Club

6:00pm at Mystery to Me!

This month's book to be discussed / El libro de septiembre: LA DISTANCIA ENTRE NOSOTROS by Reyna Grande

Image result for la distancia entre nosotros

This month we will discuss our read in Spanish! / Ese mes nos hablamos en español!

Thursday, September 19th
Author Visit: Rob Zaleski

Rob Zaleski in conversation with Doug Moe about his new book, Ed Garvey Unvarnished


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It's reinvigorating to hear again the piercing wit and urgent wisdom of Ed Garvey. Rob Zaleski's book is a treasure not only for anyone who knew Ed but also for anyone concerned about democracy or Wisconsin politics.

Matthew Rothschild, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign


About the Book
Ed Garvey (1940–2017) was one of the most influential and colorful progressive politicians in Wisconsin's history. Growing up in what was a conservative rural town, he got his first taste of liberal activism at the University of Wisconsin in the 1960s, became the first executive director of the National Football League Players' Union, led two spirited campaigns against Bob Kasten and Tommy Thompson, and eventually cofounded the Fighting Bob Fest. 
Shortly before he died, Garvey expressed his views on everything in a series of detailed interviews with journalist Rob Zaleski. In his trademark witty, blunt, and often abrasive style, he offered his impressions of the political climate, worries about the environment, and Act 10 protests on Capitol Square. Garvey's candor during these conversations provides deeper insight into the personal highs and lows he experienced over his rich life. Diehard followers will fondly remember his energetic campaigns, but they may be surprised to learn of his long-simmering disappointment after those losses. Ever timely and meaningful, Garvey's words offer a path for how the Democratic Party, both within Wisconsin and nationally, can regain its soul. 

About the Author
ROB ZALESKI is a freelance writer and award-winning columnist. He spent twenty-six years writing for The Capital Times in Madison.
Tuesday, September 17th
Andrea Potos reads from "Mothershell"

7 pm

Think of a mother cupping a child’s face in her hands, and you have the shell of Mothershell, Andrea Potos’ tender and luminous new collection. Yes, these are poems of loss: her mother’s cancer and treatments, her death and the grief that follows, but these are also poems that celebrate the chord, “the unseen thread” that binds mothers and daughters forever. Potos imagines heaven as an eternal breakfast, mother and daughter drinking our coffee/black and filled to the top. Coffee without bitterness or sweet / but somewhere in the perfection / of the middle. Here are poems that celebrate the power of presence, poems of travel: Ireland, France, Italy, ekphrastic poems that illuminate paintings. In “What the Poem Did,” Potos writes It became a spine/walked me upright/ into the day, and this is what this book does, walks with each of us and sustains us in the long journey of all of our ordinary days.

Saturday, September 14th
Monroe Street Festival
Mystery to Me presents The Book Rx booth at the Monroe Street Festival!
10:00a - 5:00p

You know them, you love them, you trust them with your reading list. That's right: we're talking about our booksellers!

During the Monroe Street Festival, look out for Mystery to Me's newest pop-up, Book Rx ("rex" as in "recommendations" as well as "prescription"), where our booksellers and a few guest booksellers will write you a book prescription on the spot. If you bring that 'scrip to Mystery to Me and buy the book recommended to you, you'll get 10% on your purchase! Just what the doctor ordered!

More details coming soon....

Friday, September 13th
Author Talk: Todd Michael Cox

Todd Michael Cox discusses his book, Of Reptiles and Amphibians, with Michael Herold


Reptiles and Amphibians

About the Book:

In Of Reptiles and Amphibians, Todd Michael Cox (Beast, Dizzlemuck) follows a young Wisconsin man as he moves through a life of loss and discovery, depression and hope. From a broken family, to a brother haunted by mental illness, through relationships failed and fulfilling, we journey with him through several moments across the span of his life… and, always, guiding him, there are the animals he loves, the snakes and turtles and frogs and salamanders that, like him, call the Dairy State home… and which he looks to for comfort when life grows dark, seeking in them a sense of both belonging and solitude, understanding and mystery.   

Quiet, thoughtful, subtle, this is a “study in microtones,” as the author puts it in his introduction. It’s also a poem of heartbreak and transcendence, and an ode to finding once again that which has been lost.


About the Author:

Todd Michael Cox was born and raised in northern Wisconsin and still makes his home in the Dairy State.  He is the founder of the Snake Anti-Defamation League, a group dedicated to preserving the reputation of the world’s snakes, and is the author of the novels After the Death of the Ice Cream Man, Dizzlemuck, Beast, and Iowa.

Tuesday, September 10th
Kathleen Ernst - "Fiddling with Fate"

6:30 pm

Please sign up for this event by following this link

ernstAbout the Book

Another Chloe Ellefson Mystery! Chloe has a devil of a time unraveling the mysteries of Norway's fiddle and dance traditions

After her mother's unexpected death, curator Chloe Ellefson discovers hidden antiques that hint at family secrets. Determined to find answers, Chloe accepts a consultant job in Norway, her ancestors' homeland. She's thrilled with the opportunity to explore Hardanger fiddle and dance traditions . . . and her own heritage.

Once their plane lands, however, Chloe and her fiancé, cop Roelke McKenna, encounter only disharmony. Chloe's research reveals strong women and the importance of fiddle music in their lives. But folklore warns against "the devil's instrument" and old evils may yet linger among the fjords and mountains. As Chloe fine-tunes her search for the truth, a killer's desire to stop her builds to a deadly crescendo.

About the Author

Emmy Award-winning writer Kathleen Ernst is the bestselling author of thirty-seven published mysteries, historical fiction, and non-fiction history books for adults and young readers. Read more about Kathleen Ernst on her author page.

Friday, September 06th
William Kent Krueger - "This Tender Land"

7 pm

please sign up for this event by following this link

kruegerAbout the Book

1932: Located on the banks of the Gilead River in Minnesota, Lincoln School is home to hundreds of Native American boys and girls who have been separated from their families. The only two white boys in the school are orphan brothers Odie and Albert who, under the watchful eyes of the cruel superintendent Mrs. Brickman, are often in trouble for misdeeds both real and imagined. The two boys’ best friend is Mose, a mute Native American who is also the strongest kid in school. And they find another ally in Cora Frost, a widowed teacher who is raising her little girl, Emmy, by herself.

When tragedy strikes down Mrs. Frost, it’s the catalyst for a series of events that will send Odie, Albert, and Mose to rescue Emmy and flee down the river in a canoe, heading for the mighty Mississippi, leaving a dead body in their wake. Soon they are wanted by the law and they know that Mrs. Brickman will stop at nothing to track them down for dark reasons of her own.

About the Author

Find out more about William Kent Krueger on his author page.


Wednesday, August 28th
Mystery to Me Book Club

6 pm 

Nick Petrie, Light It Up

Tuesday, August 27th
Author Visit: Jacqueline Houtman

Young adult author Jacqueline Houtman discusses her newest book, Troublemaker for Justice!


Reserve your seat on Eventbrite!


About the Book

Readers are introduced to Bayard Rustin, a brilliant, black, gay civil rights leader.

Principle organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, Rustin was a landmark contributor to many of the turnkey moments of the civil rights movement, though his name and the fullness of his life have been relegated to the shadows due to his personal commitment to living as an out gay black man and his youthful relationship with communist organizing which he later renounced. Over time many people would attempt to weaponize these facts against him, yet Rustin remained true to his convictions, and his wisdom and clarity would ultimately be valued by many of those same people and institutions. This brief but comprehensive biography, written with the help of Rustin’s longtime partner, Naegle, and featuring stunning archival photographs, covers the legacy of a man who utilized the roots of his Quaker faith to uplift movements throughout the world. In clear prose with informative sidebars that provide important context, it follows Rustin from his pacifist beginnings to his work mentoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his later years traveling the world to support the rights of refugees. In today’s political landscape, this volume is a lesson in the courage to live according to one’s truth and the dedication it takes to create a better world.


About the Author

"I have studied rat noses, rabbit cholesterol, chicken immune systems, and a virus that paralyzes mice. That last one earned me a PhD in Medical Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since leaving the lab in 1996, I have been a freelance writer, covering topics ranging from cancer to asthma to jackalopes.

My science writing for adults and children has appeared in World Book Science Year, FASEB’s Breakthroughs in Bioscience series, Cleveland Clinic Magazine, The Dana Foundation’s Progress in Brain Research, The Dana Sourcebook of Immunology and numerous academic and educational publications.

I started writing fiction for young readers as part of an assignment with an educational publisher. I enjoyed it so much I decided to try my hand at novels. Because I love science, my debut novel, The Reinvention of Edison Thomas, is full of real science. I call this genre “sciency fiction”.

I had thought of myself as a science writer and children's novelist, but when I was approached with an opportunity to collaborate on a biography for young readers, I jumped on it. Troublemaker for Justice is my first published book-length nonfiction. It may not be the last."

Saturday, August 24th
Kids Write! Awards Ceremony

Mystery to Me Kids Write! Summer Writing Contest Award Ceremony

Submit your story at this link!

10:30 AM at Mystery to Me

Kids Write! 

Three weeks after the kickoff event, Mystery to Me and local author, Christine Keleny, will present the winners from each age group!

First place winners receive a hardcover set of Christine Keleny's books, a $15 Mystery to Me gift card, and their stories read aloud for all to hear. Participants and their families are encouraged to invite family and friends to the award ceremony to celebrate all the writers' hard work.

Contact our events manager, Charlotte Colaluca, with any questions:

Tuesday, August 20th
Author Visit: Charles Taylor

Author Charles Taylor in conversation with Reverend Carmen Porco!


Journey Toward Justice

About the Book

A biography that offers a compelling and beautifully written account of Carmen Porco's life journey. The book describes Porco's impoverished Italian childhood in a barroom, his early involvement in gangs that led to his best friend's death and his turning to religion. Although he tried to be a traditional pastor, he grew to question the traditional church and later devoted his life to serving the poor through his low income housing ministry. He believed that the True Church is not a building, but in the streets and homes where people live daily. He is a champion of the poor and for most of his adult life Rev. Porco has fought for racial justice and equal opportunity for the poor.

About the Author

Dr. Charles Taylor is the author of six non-fiction books, a novel: Lakeside University Cover-up, a Children’s Musical Play, and writer/producer of the award winning documentary Decade of Discontent. A retired professor, Chuck also produced the Journey of Hope film series on Rev. Porco’s housing ministry.

He is a retired Professor of Education from Edgewood College and currently President of Roar Enterprises, a diversity consulting firm that produces films, books and research projects for clients. Dr. Taylor holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, the University of Oregon, and Southeast Missouri State University.

Wednesday, August 14th
Bilingual Book Club Informational Meeting

Mystery to Me is thrilled to present: Bilingual Book Club!


Bilingual Book Club at Mystery to Me

For Spanish- and English-speakers alike, Bilingual Book Club is a safe space to practice a foreign language with native speakers! The book and the corresponding conversation will alternate between Spanish and English with each month. So our September read will be in Spanish, to be discussed in Spanish, and our October read will be in English, to be discussed in English.

Confused? We're here to help! The informational meeting is on Wednesday, August 14th, and we'll answer all your questions there. (This meeting will be conducted in both Spanish and English.) We'll also announce what our first read will be, and the books will be available for a 10% discount!

If you're interested in joining, let us know on this form so we can order enough books for everyone.


Para los hablantes de español como de inglés, Bilingual Book Club es un espacio seguro para practicar un idioma extranjero con hablantes nativos! El libro y la conversación correspondiente alternarán entre español e inglés con cada mes. Por ejemplo: nuestra lectura de septiembre será en español, para ser discutida en español, y nuestra lectura de octubre será en inglés, para ser discutida en inglés.


¿Confuso? ¡Estamos aquí para ayudar! La reunión informativa es el miércoles 14 de agosto y responderemos todas sus preguntas allí. (Esta reunión se llevará a cabo en español e inglés). También anunciaremos cuál será nuestra primera lectura, ¡y los libros estarán disponibles con un 10% de descuento!


Si está interesado en unirse, háganoslo saber en este formulario para que podamos ordenar suficientes libros para todos.

Tuesday, August 13th
The Weather Guys LIVE!

The Weather Guys answer all your burning (or freezing!) weather questions!

Reserve your tickets at this link!

7:00p at Mystery to Me

The Weather Guys LIVE!


University of Wisconsin-Madison Professors Steve Ackerman and Jonathan E. Martin are coming to Mystery to Me!

Madisonians will recognize Ackerman and Martin from their Wisconsin Public Radio monthly show and Wisconsin State Journal column. Experts in all things weather and climate, they'll be answering your questions live and in-person for one night only!

After the Q+A, The Weather Guys' recommended reading will be for sale at the counter!

**Admission is by reservation only! Once the event is sold out, you may join the waitlist. Waitlisted parties will receive special waitlist instructions on the day of the event.**

Thursday, August 08th
Author Visit: Ray Olderman

Author Ray Olderman discusses his memoir, Good as Girl

7:00p at Mystery to Me

Good as a Girl

About the Book

At the age of eight, Ray Olderman vowed to his mother that he’d  be good as a girl. His mother badly wanted a girl and had just given birth to her third son. In this funny and moving story, Ray tells us how he carried the vow throughout his highly varied life and career. We follow his search for the “secret” of how to relate to women and understand the way they see the world–to please his mom. The story takes us on a rich ride through Ray’s experiences from the late 1940s until his mother’s death in the 1990s. Along the way, he forms many friendships with women who help him in his quest.

Good as a Girl offers a unique perspective on class and gender issues. As the years go by, Ray offers his own class-changing view of American social and cultural history. And because he was good friends with girls and women from an early age, he has a different story to tell about gender relations.

Ray Olderman

About the Author
Ray Olderman is an award-winning teacher, writer, and actor. He crossed class lines to move from pin boy to professor, from street kid to professional writer. His published work varies from the pioneering, award-winning Beyond the Waste Land to The Ten-Minute Guide to Business Communications.

Saturday, August 03rd
Kids Write! Kickoff Event

Hey kids, this one’s for you!


Kids Write!

Mystery to Me is pleased to invite all rising 3rd-8th graders to enter our "Kids Write!" summer writing contest!
Hosted by local author, Christine Keleny, young writers are invited to write and submit a short story to be judged by a panel of Mystery to Me judges. The grand prize? Free books!
The first place winners in each age category (Grades 3/4/5 and Grades 6/7/8) will have their stories read at the awards event on August 24th, a copy of Chakra Magic by Christine Keleny (Grades 3-5), a hardcover set of the Agnes Kelly Mysteries (Grades 6-8) and a $15 gift certificate to Mystery to Me! Sign up to compete at the kickoff event on August 3rd at 10:30am, where Ms. Keleny will speak about being a professional author, as well as her secrets for writing a winning story.

If you’re unable to attend the kickoff, stop by the store to fill out a sign-up sheet any time beginning August 4th! For any other questions, please contact

Good luck, writers! We'll see you on August 3rd!


Saturday, July 27th
Monroe Street Sidewalk Sale
Mystery to Me moves outside!

Monroe Street Sidewalk Sale

For this one day celebration of small business on Monroe Street, Mystery to Me will be outside with plenty of really cool deals.  Pop inside the store for air-conditioning and that new-book smell!

Wednesday, July 24th
Mystery to Me Book Club

6 pm

Jussi Adler-Olsen, The Keeper of Lost Causes: Department Q, book 1

Thursday, July 18th
Jesse Lee Kercheval and Catherine Jagoe read from "Reborn in Ink"

7 pm

Poetry by Laura Cesarco Eglin, a poet and translator from Uruguay. Latinx Studies. Jewish Studies. Women's Studies. Translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval and Catherine Jagoe. Bilingual Edition. The Word Works International Editions. In lyric poems of startling directness, Laura Cesarco Eglin explores the death of her father, the beauty of her country, her Jewish ancestry, and the invisible connections between the living and what's "beyond." Translated collaboratively by Jesse Lee Kercheval and Catherine Jagoe, accompanied by the original Spanish, each poem retains the delicacy as well as the power of Eglin's explorations of that which we cannot always see but must always feel. Says Aviya Kushner, "These poems excel in the art of astonishing transformation. Lipstick becomes a remembrance of the selection line of life versus death in the Holocaust. An eyelash becomes the site of all hope, glued to the chest, and brushing hair turns into a chance to learn 'eccentricity in community.' These beautiful translations seem to know their own irresistibility, as they capture the poet's understanding."

Tuesday, July 16th
Author Visit: Jennifer Chiaverini

Resistance Women

by Jennifer Chiaverini
New York Times Bestselling author of Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker

Reserve your seat on Eventbrite!

 Resistance Women

About the book:

From the New York Times bestselling author of Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, an enthralling historical saga that recreates the danger, romance, and sacrifice of an era and brings to life one courageous, passionate American—Mildred Fish Harnack—and her circle of women friends who waged a clandestine battle against Hitler in Nazi Berlin.

After Wisconsin graduate student Mildred Fish marries brilliant German economist Arvid Harnack, she accompanies him to his German homeland, where a promising future awaits. In the thriving intellectual culture of 1930s Berlin, the newlyweds create a rich new life filled with love, friendships, and rewarding work—but the rise of a malevolent new political faction inexorably changes their fate.

As Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party wield violence and lies to seize power, Mildred, Arvid, and their friends resolve to resist. Mildred gathers intelligence for her American contacts, including Martha Dodd, the vivacious and very modern daughter of the US ambassador. Her German friends, aspiring author Greta Kuckoff and literature student Sara Weitz, risk their lives to collect information from journalists, military officers, and officials within the highest levels of the Nazi regime.

For years, Mildred’s network stealthily fights to bring down the Third Reich from within. But when Nazi radio operatives detect an errant Russian signal, the Harnack resistance cell is exposed, with fatal consequences.

Inspired by actual events, Resistance Women is an enthralling, unforgettable story of ordinary people determined to resist the rise of evil, sacrificing their own lives and liberty to fight injustice and defend the oppressed.


Jennifer Chiaverini

About the Author

Jennifer Chiaverini is the New York Times bestselling author of several acclaimed historical novels and the beloved Elm Creek Quilts series, as well as six collections of quilt patterns inspired by her books.

Her original quilt designs have been featured in Country WomanQuiltmakerQuiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volumes 3-5, and Quilt, and her short stories have appeared in Quiltmaker and Quilters Newsletter.

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Chicago, she lives with her husband and two sons in Madison, Wisconsin.

About her historical fiction, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes, “In addition to simply being fascinating stories, these novels go a long way in capturing the texture of life for women, rich and poor, black and white, in those perilous years.”

Friday, July 12th
Gregory Lee Renz discusses his novel "Beneath the Flames"

7 pm

Beneath the Flames is a novel based on the author's real-life rescue of two little boys from their burning bedroom. 


"Renz draws on his years of experience as a firefighter to bring a hardscrabble authenticity to his novel. He packs the tale with plenty of action and a lot of heart. His firefighting sequences are detailed and thrilling, placing readers right in front of the flames. His prose is clean and, at times, poetic..." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Gregory Renz’s new novel is a triumph of poignancy, compassion, and restraint. In it, a man’s regret is transformed to triumph." -- Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of the bestselling novel, The Deep End of the Ocean


Thursday, July 11th
John Galligan - "Bad Axe County"

with Doug Moe

7 pm

axeAbout the Book

Dennis Lehane meets Megan Miranda in this tense, atmospheric thriller about the first female sheriff in rural Bad Axe County, Wisconsin, as she searches for a missing girl, battles local drug dealers, and seeks the truth about the death of her parents twenty years ago—all as a winter storm rages in her embattled community. 

A review from William Kent Krueger

If Joseph Conrad had really wanted to find the heart of darkness, he’d have looked in Bad Axe County. Lurking in the isolated coulees at the edge of the Mississippi River are some of the meanest, foulest, cruelest hearts imaginable, and John Galligan evokes them with all the intensity of a mad poet. But in county sheriff Heidi Kick, a woman chipped and broken on every edge, Galligan offers a righteous force in opposition. Set in a landscape of the salvage yards, two-bit taverns, and blink-and-you’ll miss-’em small towns of Wisconsin’s Driftless Area, Bad Axe County is a dark beauty of a novel, nothing less than a mythic conflict between flawed heroes and gargantuan evil. It's not always an easy battle to watch, but I guarantee you won't look away. 

-- William Kent Krueger, winner of the 2013 Edgar Award for Best Novel (Ordinary Grace), two-time Anthony Award Best Novel winner, and author of the popular Cork O’Connor crime series set in Minnesota 

About John Galligan

galliganJohn Galligan’s career as a novelist began with the critically acclaimed Red Sky, Red Dragonfly based on his experiences living, teaching, and traveling in Japan.

He subsequently became best known for his groundbreaking and celebrated series of mysteries featuring a nomadic fly fisherman: The Nail Knot, The Blood Knot, The Clinch Knot, and The Wind Knot. Read more about John on his website.

Tuesday, July 09th
Author Visit: Veronica Rueckert

Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How to Set them Free
Reserve your seat on Eventbrite!

"Rueckert's own literary voice is encouraging, supportive, and cheerful, and it's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't benefit from her advice. In a sea of self-help books for weomn, this one stands out both for its unique perspective and its concrete recommendations. A pracitcal and fascinating guide to liberating the female voice as a key to liberating the self."
--Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)


OutspokenAbout the Book:

A Yale University study found that when women executives spoke more often than their peers, their competency rating dropped by 14% (yet when their male counterparts did the same, theirs went up by 10%). Another study revealed that even in the hallowed chambers of the U.S. Supreme Court, the female justices were three times as likely to be interrupted by their male colleagues. When Elzabeth Warren refused to cede the floor of the Senate, she was warned and silenced--but nevertheless, she persisted. These high-profile examples of women's voices being stifled underscore an endemic issue: from the meeting room to the boardroom, at work, in government, in Hollywood movies, and even at home, women's voices routinely take a backseat to men's. With such pressure to be silent, it's no wonder so many women say they hate the sound of their own voices.

In OUTSPOKEN: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How to Set Them Free, Peabody Award-winning public radio host and mediat trainer Veronica Rueckert offers a conversation-changing book that delves into this problem and offers practical advice about how women can learn to love her voice and understand how to harness its power. "The voice is an amazing gift, both a privilege and a responsibilty," Rueckert writes. "Using it takes courage, especially if you're a woman. We're given only a finite amount of time to figure out what it's for, to grow into ourselves enough that we can speak up when the time comes. Yet a woman's right to speak in pblic is a right that hasn't been fully granted."


OUTSPOKEN offers solutions for change. Drawing on real-life stories and offering substantive advice, this timely book examies our cultures' deep-seated preference for quiet women. The fault, she says, lies not with women themselves, but in the deeply ingrained culture that seeks to silence women's voices. Teaching women how to recognize the value of their own voices and master the skills to speak with authortiy, authenticity, and confidence, Rueckert provides hands-on, supportive nethods for claiming or reclaiming your voice in both public and private arenas.


Veronica RueckertAbout the Author:

Veronica Rueckert is a Peabody Award-winning communications coach and specialist. She was the host of Wisconsin Public Radio's statewide news magazine Central Time and hosted the statewide call in program, The Veronica Rueckert Show. Earlier, she worked as a senior producer and contributor on the national program To the BEst of Our KNowledge distributed by Public Radio INternational. Her essays have aired to a national audience via NPR and PRI. Currently, she works with clients at Veronica Rueckert Coaching and conducts media traing performance and specializes in treaching people how to work with thei rspeaking voice as an instrument of self-expression and uncover its innate potential, persuasive power, and inherent strength.

Monday, July 01st

A Week of Fundraising for RAICES

Bookstores Against Borders


From July 1 through July 7, Mystery to Me is joining forces with A Room of One's Own to raise money for RAICES, the organization in Texas providing low-to-no cost legal services to folks who are imprisoned at our border.

Throughout the entire week, we'll be accepting in-store donations from our community, and we're committed to donating a portion of our weekend sales to RAICES as well.

If you're not in Madison or you can't commit to donating, you can still help us by tagging (#) your social media with #BookstoresAgainstBorders to raise awareness of the initiative. @ your favorite authors! Tag your favorite bookstores! And don't underestimate the power of good ol' word of mouth!


Friday, June 28th
Dean Strang, "Keep the Wretches in Order" in conversation with Doug Moe

7 pm

wretchesDean Strang discusses his new book with Doug Moe

Keep The Wretches in Order

America's Biggest Mass Trial, the Rise of the Justice Department, and the Fall of the IWW

In the first legal history of this federal trial, Dean Strang shows how the case laid the groundwork for a fundamentally different strategy to stifle radical threats, and had a major role in shaping the modern Justice Department. As the trial unfolded, it became an exercise of raw force, raising serious questions about its legitimacy and revealing the fragility of a criminal justice system under great external pressure.

Thursday, June 27th
Dane Buy Local Independents Week - June 21 - July 4

On Thursday, July 27 Mystery to Me will be supporting Dane Buy Local by giving them 5% of today's sales. 

Stay tuned for more info about the neighborhood walk. Tickets will be available for sale here (Dane Buy Local's website).

Wednesday, June 26th
Mystery to Me Book Club

6 pm

Paulette Jiles, News of the World

Tuesday, June 25th
Susanna Calkins introduces her new series with "Murder Knocks Twice" and is joined by debut author Kelsey Rae Dimberg, "Girl in the Rearview Mirror"

7 pm

calkinsThe first mystery in Susanna Calkins’ captivating new series takes readers into the dark, dangerous, and glittering underworld of a 1920s Chicago speakeasy!   

Murder Knocks Twice 

In 1929, a needy young woman lands a job in a Chicago speak-easy. What could possibly go wrong?Gina Ricci is the sole support of her father, whose worsening palsy is making it almost impossible for him to work. Her friend Lulu, who works at the Third Door, suggests that she apply to replace a cigarette girl who was recently murdered. The speak-easy is efficiently run by Signora Castallazzo and her mobster husband, Big Mike. Gina is soon immersed in a world of socialites, college kids, straying husbands, and veterans seeking escape from their problems.A spunky sleuth and plenty of period flavor enliven the first in a new series that takes Calkins (A Death Along the River Fleet, 2016, etc.) from English historicals to more recent but equally violent times. - Kirkus Reviews

Susanna Calkins writes historical mysteries. Her first series, the award-winning Lucy Campion mysteries, is set in 17th century London. The first book in the series is A Murder at Rosamond's Gate

Susanna holds a PhD in history and works at Northwestern University. She was born and raised in Philadelphia and currently lives in the Chicago area with her husband and two sons.


Girl in the Rearview Mirror

The young nanny for a prominent political family gets drawn into a web of deadly lies—including her own—in this stunning debut thriller with the menacing twists of Megan Abbott and the exquisite suspense of Laura Lippman.

I never meant to lie. That is, I never wanted to.

“With hairpin twists and immense psychological acuity, Kelsey Rae Dimberg’s Girl in the Rearview Mirror is as seductive as the glamorous, privileged family at its center—and as cunning. An exciting, intoxicating debut, it will hold you until its startling final pages.”

 -- Megan Abbott, bestselling author of Dare Me and Give Me Your Hand

Kelsey Rae Dimberg received an MFA from the University of San Francisco and studied at Barrett Honors College of Arizona State University, where she was editor-in-chief of the literary magazine, Lux and received the Swarthout Award in Fiction. Girl in the Rearview Mirror is her first novel. Born in Seattle, Kelsey has lived in eight states, and currently resides in Milwaukee.  


Sunday, June 23rd
Dean Robbins reads "The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon"

1 pm


The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon

Timed to the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and Apollo 12, The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon: The True Story of Alan Bean is a nonfiction children’s picture book about the only artist to travel in outer space. Alan Bean is both a brave astronaut and a painter who expresses his feelings through art. After the Apollo 12 mission, he pursues a one-of-a-kind dream: painting the magic and mystery of his trip to the moon.

Dean Robbins’ presentation for families shows how an airplane-obsessed boy became a daring pilot, then one of the first astronauts in the United States space program, and finally a sensitive painter who showed what it felt like to walk on another world. It explores the way artists work and encourages children to nurture their own creativity. Robbins will also explain how he drew on his journalism background to interview Bean for The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon.

About the Author

Dean Robbins is the author of the children’s picture books Two Friends: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass (Scholastic); Miss Paul and the President: The Creative Campaign for Women’s Right to Vote (Knopf); Margaret and the Moon: How Margaret Hamilton Saved the First Lunar Landing (Knopf); and The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon: The True Story of Alan Bean (Scholastic). His books have been featured on National Public Radio and praised in The New York Times, USA Today, Smithsonian, and other publications, along with receiving starred reviews in Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Kirkus Reviews. The books have also been chosen for best-of-the-year honors by Smithsonian,, The Raleigh News & Observer, the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, the Planetary Society, the Children’s Book Council, and the Amelia Bloomer List, among others. Two Friends was adapted as a short film by Weston Woods Studios, with narration by Dion Graham of The Wire. An award-winning journalist, Robbins was the editor in chief of Isthmus and a nationally syndicated arts critic. He has contributed to USA Today,, The Village Voice, the Grammy Awards, Wisconsin Public Radio, and dozens of other media outlets.



Friday, June 21st
John DeDakis shares Confessions of a CNN Journalist with Doug Moe

7 pm

In addition to discussing his mystery series with local journalist Doug Moe, John will share with us his "Confessions of a CNN Journalist" and give us a bit of a preview into his forthcoming book Fake.

His mystery novels Troubled Water and Bullet in the Chamber will be for sale. 


johnAbout the Author

John DeDakis (find his author page via this link) grew up in La Crosse and is a former White House Correspondent, former Senior Copy Editor for CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer," and author of four mystery suspense-novels featuring a strong female protagonist. During his award-winning career in journalism (25 years at CNN), he interviewed such luminaries as Alfred Hitchcock, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. He taught journalism at The University of Maryland - College Park, and regularly leads writing workshops at Politics and Prose and nationwide.

Thursday, June 20th
Anika Fajardo discusses "Magical Realism for Non-Believers - A Memoir of Finding Family" with Doug Moe

7 pm

Anika Farjardo in conversation with Doug Moe

About the Book

A young woman from Minnesota searches out the Colombian father she’s never known in this powerful exploration of what family really means.

He loved Colombia too much to leave it. The explanation from her Minnesotan mother was enough to satisfy a child’s curiosity about her missing father. But at twenty-one, Anika Fajardo wanted more. She wanted to know her father better and to know what kind of country could have such a hold on him. And so, in 1995, Fajardo boarded a plane and flew to Colombia to discover a birthplace that was foreign to her and a father who was a stranger. There she learns that sometimes, no matter how many pieces you find, fitting together a family history isn’t easy.

With her tentative entry into her father’s world, Fajardo steps on a path that will take her in surprising directions, toward unsuspected secrets about her family and herself. Set against the changing backdrops of Colombia and the American Midwest, her journey carries her back to the 1970s and the beginnings of her parents’ broken marriage, and forward to the present day, where the magic and reality of love and heartache—and her own experience as a parent—await her. The way is strewn with obstacles, physical and metaphysical—from the perils encountered on a mountain road in Colombia to the death of a loved one to the birth of her own child—but the toughest to negotiate are the shifting place of memory and truth while coming to understand her place in her family and in the world.

Vivid and heartfelt in the telling, Fajardo’s story is powerfully compelling in its bridging of time and place and in its moving depiction of self-transformation. Family, she comes to find, is where you find it and what you make of it.


About the Author

Anika Fajardo was born in Colombia and raised in Minnesota. Her writing has been published in the anthologies Brief Encounters: A Collection of Contemporary Nonfiction and Sky Blue Water: Great Stories for Young Readers (Minnesota, 2016). She has earned awards from the Jerome Foundation, the Minnesota State Arts Board, and the Loft Literary Center. The manuscript for Magical Realism for Non-Believers was a finalist for the Bakeless Literary Prize in Creative Nonfiction. She lives in Minneapolis.

Wednesday, June 19th
Heather Shumaker discusses her new book "Griffins of Castle Cary"

7 pm

About the Book

A charming, adventure-filled debut novel that’s perfect for fans of The Penderwicks series (for middle grade readers).

Siblings Meg, Will, and Ariel Griffin are off on an adventure! They can’t wait to spend a week visiting their eccentric aunt and her giant, tongue-drooling Newfoundland dog in England. But when they finally arrive, they’re faced with a few local secrets that stir up more than a little trouble.

Add in some very peculiar lights, strange new friends, a police chase and some stampeding sheep, and the Griffin kids are in over their heads—literally. Apparently this town has a ghost problem and the three children must race to solve the mystery before the ghosts take something that doesn’t belong to them.

About the Author

Heather Shumaker grew up always wanting to be an author. She began writing books in elementary school and is now an award-winning author of several books for adults (It’s OK Not to Share, It’s OK to Go Up the Slide and Saving Arcadia). Heather has tried many jobs including sailing on tall ships, leading llama treks, and recycling at the South Pole, Antarctica, but she likes writing best. Today Heather lives up in northern Michigan with her husband and two children. The Griffins of Castle Cary is her first book for children.

Tuesday, June 18th
Danielle Lincoln Hannah discusses her Mailboat Suspense Series - Yes, set in Lake Geneva!

7 pm

In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where mail is delivered by boat, falling into the lake is just a hazard of the job. Discovering a dead body is just not. When young mail jumper Bailey Johnson finds a man tied to a pier post, the discovery revives a multi-million–dollar case and a manhunt that were dead since before she was born. It’s the last thing she needs. She’s busy enough just trying to survive, a forgotten child in the foster care system.

Author Danielle Lincoln Hanna writes the Mailboat Suspense series set in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Although she used to live in Wisconsin, Danielle now lives in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. When she's not writing, she's hiking, biking, camping and kayaking! The third book in the Mailboat series, The Captain's Tale comes out June 1. 

Sunday, June 16th
Store Closed all day for Father's Day

Mystery to Me Bookstore will be closed for Father's Day.



We will reopen on Tuesday, June 18th, 10 am!

Saturday, June 15th
Mystery to Me turns 6!
Celebrate six years of Mystery to Me with treats, books…and golden tickets.

Golden Ticket

Before our doors open at 10:00a, we’ll hide six golden gift certificates throughout the store—each one good for $15 at Mystery to Me! They never expire, and if you’re feeling generous you may bequeath your spoils unto anyone you so choose. (Maybe a last minute Father’s Day gift?)

With rain in the forecast, Mystery to Me’s 6th Birthday Party is a great way to get out of the house, escape the rain, and celebrate six great years of supporting your local indie bookstore!
Friday, June 14th
Victoria Houston in conversation with Doug Moe about her new book "Dead Big Dawg"

7 pm

Victoria Houston in conversation with Doug Moe.

deadAbout the Book

When the bodies of a wealthy Chicago industrialist and his wife are discovered in their summer home at the same time that a local lawyer disappears, life becomes complicated for Loon Lake Chief of Police Lew Ferris.

Relying on the forensic dental expertise of her close friend and acting coroner, Doc Osborne, Lew soon finds the investigations are even more complicated than she thought when a rarely used computer belonging to a local sawmill operation is taken over by foreign hackers. Add to that the family issues facing both Lew and Doc, and this Northwoods summer becomes both hot and dangerous.
Engaging and fast-paced, Dead Big Dawg is a clever mystery perfect for fans of Lee Goldberg and Janet Evanovich.

About the Author

A few words from the author:  
"I was born and raised in Rhinelander, WI, in the heart of the fishing culture that backgrounds my mysteries. I grew up fishing houstonfor walleye and bluegills and muskie - and when I turned fifty, I learned to fly fish! Over the years, I have published 24 books – a fact that surprises the hell out of me as I never finished college."

Read more about Victoria on her author page

Thursday, June 13th
Matt Goldman discusses his new mystery, "The Shallows"

7 pm

In the words of Lee Child on Gone to Dust, “I want more of Nils Shapiro.” New York Times Best Selling author and Emmy Award-winning writer Matt Goldman obliges by bringing the Minneapolis private detective back for another thrilling, stand-alone adventure in The Shallows.

The Shallows

A prominent lawyer is found dead, tied to his own dock by a fishing stringer through his jaw, and everyone wants private detective Nils Shapiro to protect them from suspicion: The unfaithful widow. Her artist boyfriend. The lawyer’s firm. A polarizing congressional candidate. A rudderless suburban police department. Even the FBI.

Nils and his investigative partners illuminate a sticky web of secrets and deceit that draws national attention. But finding the web doesn’t prevent Nils from getting caught in it. Just when his safety is most in peril, his personal life takes an unexpected twist, facing its own snarl of surprise and deception.

In The Shallows, Goldman delves into the threat of dark history repeating itself while delivering another page-turner with his signature pace, humor, and richly drawn characters.

About Matt

Also a television writer, Matt has been nominated for a Writers Guild Award and has won an Emmy Award. His credits include Seinfeld, Ellen, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. He lives in Minneapolis.

Tuesday, June 11th
Cara Black Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the Aimee Leduc series! New book: "Murder in Bel-Air"

7 pm

Please RSVP for this event by following this link

Cara Black is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Aimee Leduc investigations at Mystery to Me Bookstore, AND she will introduce her new book in the series, Murder in Bel-Air.


murderAbout the Book

Parisian private investigator Aimée Leduc is about to go onstage to deliver the keynote address at a tech conference that is sure to secure Leduc Detective some much-needed business contracts when she gets an emergency phone call from her daughter’s playgroup: Aimée’s own mother, who was supposed to pick Chloe up, never showed. Abandoning her hard-won speaking gig, Aimée rushes to get Chloe, annoyed that her mother has let her down yet again.
But as Aimée and Chloe are leaving the playground, Aimée witnesses the body of a homeless woman being wheeled away from the neighboring convent, where nuns run a soup kitchen. The last person anyone saw the dead woman talking to was Aimée’s mother, who has vanished. Trying to figure out what happened to Sydney Leduc, Aimée tracks down the dead woman’s possessions, which include a huge amount of cash. What did Sydney stumble into? Is she in trouble?

About the Author

blackCara Black is the author of nineteen books in the New York Times bestselling Aimée Leduc series. She has received multiple nominations for the Anthony and Macavity Awards, and her books have been translated into German, Norwegian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and son and visits Paris frequently. Find more information on her author page.

Saturday, June 08th
Pop-Up Mystery to Me at the McFarland Public Library

Thursday, June 06th
A Night to Recite

7 pm

Come honor one of your favorite poets and exercise your memory muscle at Madison’s first ever “A Night to Recite” on Thursday, June 6, starting at 7:00 pm at Mystery to Me Bookstore! All lovers of poetry and spoken word are invited to memorize a favorite poem (not one’s own) to recite to a supportive audience. Refreshments and fellowship will be served. 

Participants are encouraged to sign up in advance by emailing: Anyone is invited to take part - make sure you memorize the poem beforehand.

Need inspiration for the event? We have a wonderful selection of poetry in our store. From Ovid to Mary Oliver to Rumi to local poets such as Andrea Potos or Steve himself- take your pick. Make sure you ask our booksellers for a recommend if you are looking for inspiration!


Thursday, May 30th
Ben Nadler in conversation with Kevin Henkes

7 pm 

About the Book

"Listen to the animals!" An urgent message from the past for today and tomorrow.
Young Randall dreams of adventures until he’s sent off one day on a mission to discover the neighboring king’s secret. When he returns, he’s thrown in a dungeon and despairs until Princess Tilda – the power behind the throne – entices him to compete for her hand. Ben Nadler's modern version in comics highlights the timeless truth at the heart of this Grimms’ fairy tale. 

"Nadler updates a lesser-known Grimm’s tale with diverse characters, compassion for animals, and a feminist hero.  Nadler's crisp, neatly laid-out panel artwork is easy to follow, with moments of video-game-like adventure, and bites of magic food produce a hilariously trippy effect as pulsing rainbow halos appear around the eaters’ heads. In an afterword, comic artist Paul Karasik offers context for the modernized components, in particular “girl power,” and makes a case for the free retelling of traditional stories" --Publishers Weekly
"Nadler makes this tale fresh, multiethnic, and accessible to younger children. His shrewdest update is the transformation of Princess Tilda from a prize-to-be-won supporting character into an adept and capable ruler who directly challenges her father's outdated belief that a woman is incapable of wielding power well."--Kirkus Reviews
About the Author
Ben Nadler is an illustrator, writer, and comics artist from Wisconsin, now living in Chicago. He and his father, philosopher Steven Nadler, collaborated on Princeton University’s Heretics!: The Wondrous (and Dangerous) Beginnings of Modern Philosophy, the Bronze Winner of INDIES Book of the Year Awards in Philosophy. This is his first book for children.
Wednesday, May 29th
Madison Writers' Studio

5:30 pm

Madison Writers’ Studio

Student read from their work.

- Public welcome

Tuesday, May 28th
David Maraniss - "A Good American Family"

A Wisconsin Book Festival event!

7 pm at the Central Library
201 W. Mifflin Street
Madison, WI 53703 

with Doug Moe

goodAbout the Book

A Good American Family captures a time of fear, paranoia, and injustice—and at the heart is the story of Maraniss’s father. Elliott Maraniss, a World War II veteran who had commanded an all-black company in the Pacific, was spied on by the FBI, named as a communist by an informant, called before the House of Un-American Activities Committee, fired from his newspaper job, and blacklisted for five years. Ultimately, though, this is an optimistic book. Maraniss’s father never lost faith in America, and he was eventually vindicated.


About David Maraniss

davidBorn in Detroit, David Maraniss is an associate editor at The Washington Post. Maraniss is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and bestselling author of First in His Class: A Biography of Bill Clinton; Rome 1960: The Olympics that Stirred the World; Barack Obama: The Story; Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero; They Marched into Sunlight: War and Peace, Vietnam and America, October 1967; and When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi, which was hailed by Sports Illustrated as “maybe the best sports biography ever published.” He lives in Washington, DC and Madison, Wisconsin.

Friday, May 24th
Betsy Draine & Michael Hinden: "The Dead of Achill Island"

7 pm

achillA Nora Barnes and Toby Sandler Mystery

Art historian Nora Barnes and her husband, Toby Sandler, are visiting the west of Ireland for a family reunion. During a morning walk through a deserted village on Achill Island, Nora stumbles upon a body—her notorious uncle Bert. When a clue singles out her mother as the likely suspect, Nora and Toby are on the case to clear her name. 

Whether in a barroom brawl or the sauna of a swingers’ club, Toby has Nora’s back. As they search, the dead of Achill seem to speak from graveyards, ruined churches, and megalithic tombs. A second murder makes it all the more difficult to connect the dots. And when Nora and Toby become the next targets, their own survival is at stake.


About the Authorsdraine

Betsy Draine and Michael Hinden are coauthors of Murder in LascauxThe Body in Bodega Bay, and Death on a Starry Night, the first three mystery novels featuring Nora Barnes and Toby Sandler. They also coauthored the memoir A Castle in the Backyard: The Dream of a House in France and translated The Walnut Cookbook by Jean-Luc Toussaint. They are professors emeriti of English at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Thursday, May 23rd
EVENT CANCELED: Dr. Joshua Mezrich discusses his book "When Death Becomes Life" -- at the Sun Prairie Public Library

6 :30 pm  CANCELED

Sun Prairie Public Library

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Joshua Mezrich creates life from loss, transplanting organs from one body to another. In this intimate, profoundly moving work, he illuminates the extraordinary field of transplantation that enables this kind of miracle to happen every day. When Death Becomes Life is a thrilling look at how science advances on a grand scale to improve human lives.