Sinners Plunged Beneath That Flood

Sinners Plunged Beneath That Flood

Sixteen-year-old Jenn is struggling to cope with her best friend's disappearance after a deadly trailer fire. When her only other close companion is thrust into the adult world without her, Jenn begins her own investigation into the strange happenings plaguing her small Oklahoma town. She crosses paths with Sheriff Douglas Taylor, a lawman trying to hush murmurs of a church deacon-turned-meth dealer motivated by ecstatic visions and a hunger for material power, and mysterious threats soon force the sheriff to weigh his own reputation as a hero against his ideas of security. Meanwhile, the deacon's wife, Charlotte, seeks solace in novelty and considers the ways the deacon's actions will haunt the county and consume its working poor. Charlotte, Sheriff Taylor, and Jenn each find themselves then beneath a flood of shadow in the autumn months of 1998, and it is only there that they begin to make sense of their changing worlds.