Virtual Author Visit: Michael Kaufman

Wednesday, January 27th

7:00p CT

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About the Book

Washington, DC, 2033. Climate change is hitting hard, unemployment is high, and a controversial longevity treatment is only available to the ultra-rich. Enter police detective Jen B. Lu and her 'partner', Chandler, a synthetic computer implant in her brain. He's a wannabe tough guy although given that he’s only two and a half years old, he has a hard time pulling it off.

Jen hears rumors of an illegal version of the longevity drug, and the bizarre outbreak of people aging almost overnight, then suddenly dying. Is this all connected? Is a mysterious co-op involved? And what about Big Pharma?

When Jen’s investigations take her too close to the truth, she’s suspended and has to risk everything to pursue a very dangerous investigation on her own.


Michael Kaufman

About the Author

Michael Kaufman, PhD, is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction books. As an advisor, activist, and keynote speaker, he has developed innovative approaches to engage men and boys in promoting gender equality and positively transforming men's lives. Over the past four decades his work with the United Nations, governments, non-governmental organizations, corporations, trade unions, and universities has taken him to fifty countries.