Virtual Author Visit: Sue Berg with Doug Moe

Wednesday, September 15th

7:00p CT

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About the Book

A migrant worker is discovered buried in a local quarry with an antique gold coin in his pocket near La Crosse, Wisconsin. Lt. Jim Higgins begins to unravel a murder that will take him back into Wisconsin's early history. During the investigation, Higgins meets a local archaeological savant and treasure hunter who tells him a wild tale about a U.S. Army payroll that was stolen on the way to Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien in 1866. The payroll has never been recovered. Is the coin on the dead man part of the stolen treasure?

Higgins hesitates to base his investigation on a wild tale, but he has nothing else to go on. As his team desperately attempts to make sense of the facts, the killer strikes again. The investigative team realizes the wild tale may be the only explanation for the two murders. In a race against time, Jim struggles to identify the killer-and find the elusive gold treasure.

About the Author

Sue Berg grew up with family stories; stories about hunting and fishing adventures, slightly irreverent relatives, and family sagas of immigrant descendants. Growing up with four brothers in the little Wisconsin town of Glenwood City, she tagged along as the odd-girl out and participated in wild risk-taking and saucy adventure-all at the hands of her daring siblings. Later, after a career in teaching and the trials and eventual successes of raising four children to adulthood, the smoke cleared. Through all the ups and downs, Sue continued to read a variety of literature. Completely by accident, she came across the book, Shut Up and Write! by Judy Bridges, founder of Red Bird Studio in Milwaukee. The advice struck a chord in her. She sat down at her computer five years ago and began writing. Driftless Gold is the story that wouldn't leave her alone and Judy's sage wisdom that launched her career as a writer. Driftless Gold is Sue's first novel. Previously in 2011, she published a family memoir entitled Solid Roots and Strong Wings. Sue lives with her husband in the Driftless area. When she's not writing, she enjoys quilting, watercolor painting, camping, gardening, hiking, and sitting around campfires with her four children and eight grandchildren.