Wisconsin Science Festival Events

Saturday, October 13th

Visit Wisconsin Book/Science Festival website for detailed information.

All events are held in the DeLuca Forum at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (unless otherwise noted)

11 am -- Heather Swan, Where Honeybees Thrive

1 pm -- Jeff Bercovici, Play On

2 pm -- Brantley Hargrove, Man Who Caught the Storm (Orchard View Room, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery)

3 pm -- Johann Hari, Lost Connections

4 pm -- Scott Spoolman, Wisconsin State Parks

5 pm -- Nate Blakeslee, American Wolf

6 pm -- Vince Beiser, The World in a Grain

7 pm -- Mark Kurlansky, Milk

8 pm -- Cynthia Graber & Nicola Twilley, Gastropod Live!  A live performance of the podcast "Gastropod"